Africa Journal-And we’re off….

Bret and I just arrived in Munich, Germany after an overnight flight from Chicago. Bret and I slept maybe 2 hours on the plane. We were exhausted but still decided to spend our layover exploring the city. I wanted to see the Church of Our Lady and Bret wanted “beer, brat and pretzel”. Usually I would have been preparing for our day trip to Munich for a while so that we could get the most out of it but because of the wedding I was too busy so we totally winged it. It was a breeze getting into Munich. We ate at a cute outdoor restaurant in the Marienplatz right across from the beautifully gothic City Hall. Bret ordered their famous house special, I ordered a brat and we shared a pretzel and beer.  At this restaurant we met some Canadian girls backpacking across Europe. We inquired about some of the details because I see a mini backpacking vaca in our near future. While Bret and I would love nothing more than to do a Beer Challange here in Munich, there just isn’t enough time, so we settled on doing a little site seeing. First stop was the Church of Our Lady. It was as pretty as I thought it would be. I lit a candle here for us. Next we took to the streets and toured the area by the Marienplatz. All the buildings were BEAUTIFUL! The excitement about the upcoming Octoberfest was everywhere and I REALLY hope we get to come back here for this. At about 5:00 we decided we should head back to the airport. It is good that we gave ourselves plenty of time because getting back was not easy and we relyed heavily upon the kindness of strangers to motion us in the right direction. Once we got to the airport Bret and I passed out on a bench in the airport until our dinner of struedel and beer. We are not looking forward to this flight but when we land we will be in Africa!!!!!



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