Africa Journal Day 2

We flew all night into Johanesburg. Its hard believe we are finally in South Africa! We did not get much sleep on the plane so I slept on a bench at this airport as we waited for our plane to Capetown. This will only be a 2 hour flight (THANK GOD) and then we will finally be able to begin our honeymoon.

We were greeted in Capetown by our tour guide Ian. On the way to the hotel we got a brief history and geography lesson about the “Mother City”, Capetwn. We drove by some shanty towns by the airport. We have never seen anything like that before. It is clear there is a lot of poverty here in Capetown. After about 30 minutes we arrived at Cape Cadogan, our home for the next 4 nights. It is an old Victorian home converted to a boutique hotel far from the touristy VA Waterfront. Our room is beautiful with a luxious master bathroom the size of Bret’s apartment in Providence. The hotel surprised us with caramels, roses, and champagne in celebration of our honeymoon.

After Bret and I took a nap, we got ready and headed to the VA Waterfront for dinner. While the VA waterfront is very touristy it is also has very beautiful scenery. It also has great shopping and dozens of restaurants with all different kinds of cuisine. Our cab driver Omar indicated that we must try a dish with curry in it as that is a South African staple. Bret had Ostrich for dinner and I had a curry pasta. We sipped cocktails outside, overlooking the ocean. What a perfect first night of our honeymoon.

When we got back to the hotel we popped champagne and ate caramel! The hotel staff had turned down the bed and placed hot water bottles under the covers for a nice and toasty bed. Honeymoon really begins tomorrow.



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