Country Roads, Take Me Home, To The Place I Belong, West Virginia…30th!!!!!

Who knew West Virginia was so amazing!!! One of my birthday presents was a trip to West Virginia for glamping (my first time ever), whitewater rafting, hiking and biking and a trip to The Greenbriar Resort- crossing 2 things off our list!!! West Virginia has some of the top runs in the world and since had been raining for days so we were in for a good ride. I managed to stay in the boat all day until the very last class IV rapid where I fell out right in the middle of it. I swirled around in the rapid for what felt like a minute (Bret says 4 seconds) and then my jacket pulled me up right next to our boat where Bret was waiting to pull me from the river. It was one of the scariest moments of my life but I would do it again in a heartbeat. After rafting we drank with everyone and then headed back to camp. Later we looked at the photos of the trip. There was one hilarious picture where you could see me falling out of the boat, everyone else being flung all over the place and then Bret, the only one who was still able to paddle. I bought it! The next day we biked probably about 20 miles around the New River National Park. They had beautiful outlooks, cliffs, and  scenery.



image image image 

The next morning we had a champagne breakfast and then packed up and headed to see Sandstone Falls down river. After about an hour drive we got there. It was pretty gorgeous..but Bret wouldnt come out there with me=(


 The next place on our list was The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs. This is one of our 1,000 Places. The resort was booked (and ungodly expensive) but we were going to hit up the casino, spa and dine at the resort. I just happened to look at the casinos website again en route and saw there was a very strict dress code for the super fancy casino and since we were camping Bret had nothing. We ended up having to go to a goodwill to find Bret an outfit but he looked so handsome in his 7 dollar ensemble. Also on the way there we found out that the reason the hotel was sold out was because the PGA was in town golfing at the resort. As we pulled up to this BEAUTIFUL Resort Bret and I started to laugh because we felt like we soooooooooo did not belong there (especially dressed head to toe in Goodwill). Security stopped us (rightfully so) and informed us that you had to have to be a guest to get onto the property but this weekend if you have a PGA ticket you will be allowed. Bret was like “OK” and was ready to throw in the towel but there was no way I was not getting in there! We found a scalper by the highway and I went up to him to see if he had any tickets, which was a longshot because the golf day was over. He was selling Aerosmith tickets now but just happened to have 2 leftover PGA tickets that he sold to us for 40 dollars!!!!!! Happy Birthday to me! We turned back around and headed towards The Greenbrier where security reluctantly let us in (ha ha). The casino was like “Monte Carlo meets Gone With the Wind” and was filled with beautiful people with lots of money. We kept feeling like we were going to get booted at any second (rightfully so). Bret and I Instagramed a photo of how we essentially scammed our way in there and the resort ended up “liking” that photo. It’s nice to know they at least have a sence of humor. Maybe later in life Bret and I will go there legitimately. After we gambled all our money away and drank our 9 dollar drafts we stopped at the Old Fashioned Ice cream parlor and got me a birthday cupcake and ice cream! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!


“Suit from Goodwill- $7, Scalped PGA tickets $40, 2 Budlight drafts $17- Scamming your way into the fanciest casino in America= PRICELESS!”




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