Switzerland was one of the most amazing places we have ever been to. We cannot wait to go back. We stayed in Gimmewald and Zurich with the main forcus of our trip being the Via ferrata from Murren to Gimmelwald. So this is how the Via Ferrata goes. 1. Go rent gear (harness, helmet, gloves, etc) from the sporting goods store in Murren 2. Store person will give you one instruction, “When it comes to a fork in the via ferrata go left,  if you go right, you’re f*cked” 3. Panic a little bit 3. Walk across the street, through a door by a tennis court and BOOM your mountain climbing.  This was the most physically challenging thing I have done. I was in excruciating pain until halfway through Oktoberfest! It starts off pretty calm, even though I wanted to turn back almost immediately, a lot like a hike. Then it just hits you; you are soon greeted by the first and greatest part of the via ferrata, which is a 600-metre straight drop onto a tiny village.  The drop is so steep and amazing that a wooden platform has been built for base jumpers to jump from. We were lucky enough to get to meet several of them that were in town (from all over the world) for a base jumping festival. We also got to hang out (literally, because we were hanging off the side of the Swiss Alps like monkeys) and watch them plummet down, two by two, to the Lauterbrunn Valley. I absolutely love this part, just leaning back, letting go and looking down at the 600 meter fall with such excitement. We then climbed alot of ladders, crossed a few cable bridges under small waterfalls and waved to paragliders that were only a few feet from us. It was so wonderful! The scariest part for both of us actually came when crossing THE 80 meter suspension bridge. This bridge was very unsettling because for most of the bridge there were not any handrails, just a cable for clipping your lanyards on, but  only on the left side. Also “DONT LOOK DOWN” didn’t work because the walkway of the bridge is so small you had to look down to not fall over the edge. When Bret got on the bridge I was so scared for him. I yelled words of encouragement like “You got this” and “I am so proud of you” followed by “You are doing F*CKIN AWESOME!”! This got a giggle from the foreigners behind me. I apologized and they said (in a thick accent)  “We do not even know what that words means, hehe (wink, wink)”. When I got on the bridge they were very scared for themselves (and me), they asked me how I was doing to make them less nervous and I said “I am doing F*CKING AWESOME!”. They said that made them feel so much better. Glad I could help! I almost threw up a couple of times and my legs were shaking the ENTIRE time but it was so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!  My goal was to finish it and not cry so I succeeded. It took over 5 hours to do the one mile climb from Murren to Gimmelwald. I have found my new love and I have discovered that Bret is scared of heights! Sweaty, thirsty and exhausted we rewarded ourselves with a large beer. Click on pictures to make them bigger Mom:)


No cars only cable cars allowed!

View from our room…


Beautiful Murren


Cows an Cowbells everywhere!


Regret not paragliding!


Breakfast view!


Champagne breakfast in a revolving restaurant at the top of the Swiss Alps is the best way to start the day!


On Piz Gloria!


Leaving Switzerland..

View from the train. It didnt even look real( and its through glass)!

 IMG_0813 IMG_0814 IMG_0817


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